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Friday, January 25, 2013

Christmas Lunch 2013

A warm welcome to all our followers may you all have a awesome and blessed 2013.
We at Gentlecare had a rather roller coaster 2012 blessed in many ways, but rather busy with all the very ill patients we received. Time was the problem in keeping up the posts on the blog.

Here are some pictures of the baby dolls that were made, and sent for adoption.
They were such a pleasure to make.  We hope that their new mums will enjoy them as much as we enjoyed making them!   

This was the moment that all at Gentlecare was waiting for !
A huge thank you to Katy Du Toit and her wonderful family for donating  all the presents and food.
The Christmas lunch was sponsored by Rotary De Aar, a warm thank you from all the staff and patients they really enjoyed it all.

Katy and her family have been sponsoring the gifts and food for the past four years at Gentlecare.  We would like to thank you all from the core of our hearts for always thinking about the less fortunate.
With all your wonderful giving we are able to spoil the patients from Christmas lunch till New year.
They really appreciate every little bit THANK YOU SO MUCH. 
Our Staff at Gentlecare would like to thank the donors from their hearts, you have no idea how much the patients enjoy this time, for most of the patients it is the very first time in their life that they have received a gift.

Our tables were laid and pulling the cracker time was exciting!

Tommie, Gerhard Engelbrecht from Rotary De Aar and myself.

My mother Anna with her sister  Johanna visiting from Johannesburg, she came for my mums 90th birthday!
We are truly blessed to have my mum with us, she still does all our books and does all the issuing of the food at Gentlecare, beware if we are out of line .................................... 

Henrico is 15 years old he was injured by someone who threw him to the ground and broke his neck, he is now a quadriplegic covered in bed sores!!

Karin is still as small as always but a bundle of joy.

We would like to thank Father Alcastor and Terisia for joining us for the lunch. 

We are welcoming Caroline van Coller to our team, we trust that you will bond with us and the patients.
May you and your family be blessed in abundance for all the good that you do at Gentlecare.
Goodbye and God Bless you all till next time. xx

Monday, August 6, 2012

The fruit of the Spirit is Love, Joy, peace, Patience, kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and self-control. Gal. 5.22-23

Mell came from Ganspan, he is a diabetic, he has lost both his legs.  Mell had a very bad bladder infection we had to take him to hospital for treatment, he sadly passed away  the 20 July 2012. 

Gentlecare has been blessed with 50 new blankets, what a joy to have such a privilege, so many in our little town don't even have blankets at night to warm them.  THANK YOU so much to our donors.  In turn we were able to donate 10 blankets to our local clinic for patients, and the rest to the poor.

Ben and Maria are absolute ANGELS they appear when you least expect and surprise you with a car full of cloths and toys, there is not even space for a mouse so full it is loaded.We just want to thank Ben and Maria from the core of our hearts for the love, care and warm hearts they have for Gentlecare, they travel all the way from Johannesburg to Britstown with unconditional love and giving, may you be truly blessed for your good hearts.
Also a huge thank you to all the donors that have given to Ben and Maria, it is such a huge help for the poor.

A few smiling faces for receiving toys and the clothes.

Eric is one of our cancer patients, he has just returned from Kimberly, he has throat cancer.  He now has a tube in his tummy for his food.
 Gentlecare is so proud to show the new cupboards in the Women's and men's ward that Besom donated.
It is such a huge help, for our cupboards were exploding with linen and clothes.  Thank you Besom we are truly grateful to you for this amazing project.

 Tommie had off cuts left that he was able to make bed side cupboard for each bed, it all looks so beautiful. 

Tommie building the cupboards in the men's ward.
 We are now able to see what we have with the  space, so nice to be organized.
We would like to just give you feed back about Sarel and Ingrid that was in the last post.
We fetched Sarel in Kimberley on the 17 April 2012 he did not want any treatment for the cancer, he decided to spend the quality time with his wife Ingrid.  Which he so did, he sadly passed away on the          17 June 2012.
Ingrid has decided to stay on at Gentlecare.
Blessing to all our followers until next time much love
Tommie & Ivonne 

Friday, June 8, 2012

Sarel and Ingrid

This week we are asking you to please pray for this family.  Sarel and Ingrid Pretorius, from Britstown.  Ingrid has been in her wheelchair for over 25 years, and Sarel been such a awesome husband always seeing and helping Ingrid with all the house chores, picking her in and out of bed into the wheelchair etc. In short he is the spindle which the Pretorius household turns around.
The sad news is that Sarel has been diagnosed with very aggressive cancer, he was taken to Kimberly Hospital where he had to undergo tests, the surgeons were very puzzled with his condition, HE WENT TOTALLY PARALYZED.  The result cannot walk anymore and therefor everything that he used to do for both him and Ingrid, now has to be done by other people.
Sarel and Ingrid had to make the most difficult decision ever!.... was he going to take the treatment or not.
Sarel decided  not to go for the treatment but spend the last few months with his wonderful and dear wife and friend Ingrid.  The only problem was that they are now both in wheelchairs and need help...

A fairy tale, retirement, house up on the hill in Britstown, turned into a nightmare their 
dream that never came true.  Instead they have to be dependent on other people.  
They are both at Gentlecare and are now having to sell their house.  

Please pray and think of these exceptional people, 
that they will know and feel that they are so special and loved.

Friday, June 1, 2012


This is Joanna with Jackie.
Joanna comes from Poland, and she has given a month of her time to help at Gentlecare, we are truly blessed and so privileged to have her.
We thank her from the core of our hearts for a month of pure joy and love.  Joanna is a ray of sunshine and flowing over with so much love to give.  She gave so much love to the patients, that all were so sad when she left last night.  We wish you a path of gold to walk on, a ray of sunshine to show you the way, may you live all your dreams and be a blessing to those who you  touch in life.  THANK YOU SO MUCH Joanna you will always have a special place in our hearts, just like all the other volunteers that have come.
God has only just sent us Angels...
The wonderful story of two broken people who have been living on the streets for 14 years.
They were exposed to so many temptations and bad habits that they became very ill, when they arrived at Gentlecare they made a choice, the choice was to leave all the bad things and heal from the inside.
The healing process was not easy and the recovery road was up and down, and believe me not easy.
With lots of prayers, love, determination and help Jack and Jackie have decided to turn a new page.
We are so proud of them, Jack has started us a veggie garden, and Jackie has started with her art work, she draws amazing pictures with her left hand, her right hand has permanent damage.
We will surly post the drawing when it is done.
They are absolute stars, we are proud of you both.

We would like to thank De Aar Rotary for the wonderful donations made to Gentlecare, they have very good hearts, by donating clothes for the less fortunate.

Joanna, Olga and Shaeeza backing cake for the patients.............

Olga's birthday party.

We would like to thank our staff for always helping us, we appreciate it so much may the sun shine on you all always you are truly stars ....

We end this weeks blog news with Smile he is 21 years old and such a pleasure to have, he was bought to us from Petrusville, he has no family, no one has since inquired about him, he cannot walk barely talks, he calls Mervin we all wanted to eat him up!
Have a wonderful month of June we will be back soon with more news.  God bless you xx